Durable Protection For Any Application

Seal, protect, and color small, medium, or large aluminum parts with the help of the industry experts. Vegas Metal Finishing offers protective coatings for aluminum components across a variety of industries.

Rows of red dyed, anodized aluminum parts.

Type 2 Anodizing

Insulate aluminum parts from electrical currents with a corrosion-resistant coating.

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Rows of firearm receivers with a white, Type 3 anodized finish from Vegas Metal Finishing.

Type 3 Hardcoating

Resist damage by corrosion and abrasion with greater material hardness and a thicker oxide layer.

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A firearm received with a Type 3 anodized finish, showing the variety of color dyed finishes available, including blue, green, pink, gold, and red.

Custom Color Matching

From standard to custom, get a consistent color match for your aluminum components.

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The VMF Story

The FFL anodizing facility with efficient, quality service

As a Federal Firearm Licensed (FFL) facility, we specialize in Firearms and Military Hardcoat Plating but offer expert industrial anodizing services for companies across the U.S. Our process incorporates a state of the art, eco-friendly facility operated by a highly skilled and experienced team. With over 40 years of collective industry experience, we pride ourselves on our ability to turn around expertly anodized products with exceptional customer service.

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Industries Served

Aluminum anodizing services for the military and defense industries.

Military & Defense

Aluminum anodizing services for the aerospace industry.


Aluminum anodizing services for the architecture and design industries.

Architecture & Design

Aluminum anodizing services for the automotive industry.


Aluminum anodizing services for the manufacturing industry.